Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Approach to Right Advisory Services

To grow any business it’s significant to have transparency in every aspect for essential growth, profitability, and stability of the business. With the rising struggle in the commercial world, the requirement for corporate governance has grown up to a larger extent. If due to competition amongst businesses you are searching for a place here you can connect to right people who have a good knowledge of different aspects of how to grow then you can approach AKG Advisory LLP a liability firm. The experts available here understands your queries and offer you with the utmost solutions.

The experts here have real-world solutions and up-to-the-minute methods, for running your work and can assist business of all sizes. These services are important for the Formation of company if you want to protect your company in the marketplace. They will do their superlative to offer answers concerning manifold issues including commerce structuring, investor, and buy-sell agreements. With their aid and answers, you can rest assure that the most creative results so that the upcoming days of the company is secured.
Furthermore, be cautious when a consultant helps you to understand the aspects of the market and while choosing a place you need to be quite attentive and now the exact structure of the market correctly. Make certain that you have an apparent view of their work track record so that you can make a decision whether their success is reliable, not just a one-off.

Their business advisory help will make sure that every customer receives utmost benefit and pleasure and that both parties are pleased with the outcome. Their information also increases into the territory of discussions and drafting of agreements. With this firm, you will get outstanding solutions for your every problem so get linked and explain your company issues to the advisors available here and get solutions instantly.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Expand Your Business With A Successful Action Plan

Availing the consulting services from a reputed legal consultancy firm can actually progress the quality of business decisions. Along with this, an individual can improve the viability and profitability of any project via an experienced professional of the company. So, while beginning any company venture, an individual needs the necessary resources and information for completing the task. For this, you can trust the trustworthy company and get the dependable business advisory services from us. Being a booming business consultant our profession offers systematic business solutions as we have an ability solve to day to day strategic business issues.

“AKG Advisory LLP” has an infinite year of experience in the corporate world domain. We are a secretarial servicing firm that offers the comprehensive range of business advisory services to our precious clients. Our company’s tech professionals provide friendly, dedicated, and personal business advice in a professional manner. Our firm is purely dedicated to the needs of an individual business needs. We work closely with our customers for interpreting their business and personal needs. Our company’s services include corporate advisory, formation of companies, legal, RBI and Forex laws compliance, company law and secretarial compliance.

If you are looking a skilled expert advice for the formation of company, then you can trust our company for getting solutions regarding commercial and formation of the firm. We are engaged in serving our more than 200 clients and our prominent client includes Epic, Terix, NRM international, Skoda Power, Communications Test Design, Inc, Cinestaan film company, and Sumitomo Bakelite. In case you have any query related to the commencing of the business, you are free to contact us via an email Id help. You can mail your queries to the given mail ID Feel free to consult us anytime and obtain the trustworthy business support solutions from this place.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Get Organized Solutions for the Success of Your Business

Are you thinking to start a new venture? Do you need an expert advice for raising your business to the top level? If your answer is affirmative, then you need to search for an authentic company to get the business suggestions in an instant manner. For getting business and corporate law services, you can depend on AKG Advisory LLP firm. The companies professional have an excellent range of a qualified advisory consultant for offering the best ideas for your company’s growth. In addition, the experts will help you in creating a roadmap strategy for the successful business plan.

In case you are in search of a trustworthy corporate business law services, you need to consult the professionals of the company for getting the customized business solutions on-time. Our company will help you in dealing with the issues related to the shareholder agreement, corporate financing, business formation, external commercial borrowing compensation, drafting of agreements and deeds, and much more. The company is the one-stop destination for obtaining the proficient services like the formation of one person companies, consultancy on cyber law, registration of partnership firms, registration of trusts, the formation of public limited companies, etc.

We have a good year experience in handling the queries related to Foreign exchange regulations. Our experts of the firm will provide the persistent help for foreign exchange connected issues. The company will assist you in tracking the complete record of the foreign exchange with other companies. Feel absolutely free in understanding the complete procedure behind the process of foreign related troubles. To get the additional business advice for financial and commercial problems, you can approach the company today. For clarifying your queries, you can mail to us on the given email id On receiving an email, our professionals will help you in connecting to you as soon as possible.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Practices and Values of Corporate Governance

The main purpose of a small business advisor is to make a business policy that integrates every aspect obligatory for exponential growth. The running capital requirements, estimated revenue and expenditure and rival companies' marketing strategies are some of the important factors that consultants take into account while devising business plans.

Often small businesses require help with their promotion and sales expansion. Business advisors not only help out the owners with advertising and promotion of their goods and services but also make available customized solutions for business growth and expansion.

AKG Advisory LLP is one of liability firm which has significant experience in production with matters between to Corporate Laws, Legal Documentation, Joint Ventures, inbound and outbound Investment, Foreign Collaborations, Due Diligence, Mergers, Technology Transfers, and Acquisitions. The advisors help you each and every process and thus offers you with the services in the Formation of company.

Not only this much we are offering  the range of other services also which help in the upliftment of your services like compliances, approvals. This includes approval from all the government departments like Secretariat of Industrial Approvals Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies, FIPB, Reserve Bank of India and much more .If you are looking for firm in Delhi than go no further than this firm as it offers you with a range of services at affordable rates.

Glance at the Services offered by firm
•    Help information of Limited Liability Partnerships and registration of trusts.
•    Help information of nonprofit organizations.
•    The advisors suggest you in various advising matters relating to Foreign Exchange Management Act.
•     Issue and allotment of compliance.
•    You can even transfer Shares between Indians and NRIs.

We are well-known for offering effectual financial audits to clients all across for various industries. We are one of the reputed firms in Delhi India that everyone in India and in other parts is talking about. Our services are not limited for business owners but for individuals for personal investments too. Our speedy and speedy service, coupled amid pocket-friendly prices is what has our wok different from others. Corporate governance in India is also a major part which helps you to run the industry to extend in a pleasant manner.

We welcome you to contact us anytime via visiting our website and fill an online form and tell us about your issues and investments plans so that our executive can talk to you and proffer you with the suitable solutions in no time. You can discuss your questions and queries with these advisors and they will let you know with the best schemes which suit your business and pocket needs.

To wrap up, a small dealing advisor can verify to be extremely valuable for company owners in running their trade resourcefully, devising industry strategies. The foundation of these strategies is to facilitate small scale company to build core directional decisions that will allow their industry to move towards the preferred future. The fresh external point of view provided by the consultants can assist a great deal in finding the cause of all industry related troubles.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Dynamic importance of corporate business law firm

As you know corporate world consists of many significant characteristics, many of them comprise certain components that require a thorough study, mostly whenever you state the term “corporate. The term itself explains a relation that exists between the business holders and the consumers, also ensuring that all the factors affect the business in a long term.

If you are searching for a corporate business law firm then go no other than AKG Advisory LLP. It is one of the Limited Liability Partnership Firm that holds a cosmic experience of more than 30 years in the corporate era. The company offers Secretarial Servicing and a comprehensive range of business advisory services to its wide range of customers from private individuals others from outside India. The company takes pride in providing this devoted, pleasant & individual service combined with complete advice.

There are number of services which are offered by our firm. Some of them are highlighted below:

·         Offer in conversion of Private limited companies into Public Limited and thus vice versa.
·         Helps in registration of Partnership firms.
·         Also offer external Commercial Borrowing.
·         Provides overseas Direct Investments.
·         Ensures you with complete services of take-over of management, change of management, and other related due diligence services.
·         Helps in winding and Striking up of companies.
·         With our services you can transfer Shares between Indians, NRIs and foreign persons.

Our business law firm, AKG Advisory LLP is headquartered in New Delhi and has been in the front position of the dealing sphere, amid having a god number of represented corporate customers from crossways the globe, through an amalgamation of hand holding and guidance.

In case you are searching for what particular services you can get from such a business law firm, then its pleasure to know that we are able to provide client support in all aspects to you which include construction law including contract review, prevailing wages and labor disputes, construction claims, negotiation through business formation, project assistance, and licensing.

Its good you to understand and know what you exactly need and want. Always discuss your business needs and desires with the advisor offered by the firm. Sometimes if don’t ask your queries and which ultimately leads to problems. So it’s best to understand the complete procedure.

Before hiring a firm, it is tremendously significant to appreciate your trade ground. In contrast to corporate or large corporations the official requirement of small business is partial to definite particular fields. Thus, the primary step engages in accepting and knowing your field.

Furthermore its important feature is assembly of the right decisions at the correct time. Therefore no matter what activity the company is trying to board it has to be duly right and documented properly. For illustration in case you want to open a new branch in a new territory our expert team professionals will assist in taking every step in harmony with the current law. Likewise if the company is going to get hold of another firm then you must need an advisor who will help you in justifying all the happenings in a lawful manner.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Know more about services of Business law firm

Like many other things it does not matter where you are residing or located you can simply hire a group of a professional expert for providing you with appropriate advisory services. This single move will actually help you to promote your company to the very top within a little period of time. Sometimes the business undergoes some Legal problems which are also the essential part of people's lives. As individuals spend a colossal sum of money on this legal battle, they are left with no time to choose ordinary class legal services.

At present there are a number of online firms available in the market place but opting for AKG Advisory gives you significant experience in big business with various matters which are related to inbound and outbound Investment, Technology Transfers, Corporate Laws, Due Diligence, Joint Ventures, Legal Documentation, Foreign Exchange Regulations, Mergers and Acquisitions and much more.

Furthermore, these legal battles tend to stretch a lot of time and money, so it’s important to opt for the best for you. And this is where choosing the best Business law firm in Delhi can make the difference. All these services are almost available online; you can with no trouble carry out a broad research on the web. This would not only save your time but also facilitate you to get the majority of excellent results which will forward and enhance your work prospects in an exclusive manner.  Choosing the best place in Delhi which understands your interest is a very head hunting task. But now you can easily, get connected to our company which not only saves your time but also gives you the right direction to save your money on unnecessary things.

Our business law firm helps an individual in a lot of ways. The legal business of a person and a company varies from person to person. Not all firms have the professional experts which will manage all these cases in an efficient manner. Only the best Business law firms have the ideal resources accessible to them to take up all these situations in right ways. There are certain things that add up and help your work place to be the best one. So before you hire an expert for advisory services, it is tremendously important to be aware of your work field.

There are a number of services what we offer to our customers. Below highlighted are some of the major services offered by us:

• Helps you in the arrangement of Private limited Company.
• Provides services like Drafting of Petitions, Complaints, Applications, and Notices & Replies to a variety of departments and authorities.
• Offers services like the drafting of joint venture agreements and Foreign Exchange Regulations collaboration.
• You can easily set up your new Branch office of liaison office and project offices.

In addition to this, AKG Advisory is also offering its customers with a wide range of key setting. We help you in various compliances and approvals from various government department offices. This includes approvals from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies, Non-banking finance companies, Foreign Investments, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Director Foreign Exchange Regulations, Retail, Trading, and much more.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Role of Business Law Firms Implementing Them in India

India is changing. India has already positioned itself into the world as a superpower of future. India’s economy is growing rapidly than any other developing countries in the world. Business in and with India is the most important point in the business-itinerary of any top businessman around the world. Understanding the trend, Indian government has brought many changes (positive ones) in the business world. And Corporate Governance is one of them.
Importance of Corporate Governance in India

An organization with good corporate governance accumulates a higher level of confidence from the shareholder of the company. Independent directors of the company contribute to instill a positive outlook of the company across the financial market and positively influence price of the share. Across the world, Corporate Governance is undoubtedly one of the most important criteria for foreign institutional organizations and companies to decide which company they want to invest in. Corporate Governance in India put emphasize on the functions of audit and finances which comes with legal, moral and ethical implications for both businesses and its impact on shareholders. According to Indian Companies Act 2013 introduced various innovative measures to appropriately balance legislative and regulatory reforms for the growth of the enterprise and to increase foreign business and investment, keeping in mind the intricacies of international practices. The rules and regulations associated with corporate governance are the measures which help to increase of the involvement of the shareholders decision making ability and introduce transparency in business. This facility ultimately safeguards the interest of the society and most importantly shareholders. Corporate Governance not only safeguards stakeholders’ interests but also help to foster the economic progress of a country.

Role of Business and Corporate Law in Mergers & Acquisitions

When it comes to mergers & acquisitions, SEBI is really cautious about implementing the various rules and regulations pertaining to Corporate Business Law. SEBI’s Takeover Code by the Takeover Regulations Advisory Committee (TRAC) has been laid to overhaul the oft-amended and improper complex set of norms that govern takeovers of Indian listed companies. SEBI’s informal guide to the case of Bharti Airtel advised that depository receipts such as ADRs/GDRs will not attract the open offer requirements. The Code was unexpectedly amended shortly thereafter to clarify that holders of ADRs/GDRs will be obligated to make an open offer if only they are entitled to exercise the voting rights under the depository agreement. 

Why do we need good corporate law firms in India

Yes, it is really important to have a Business Corporation Law to strengthen the foundation of business transaction of India. However, it is also important to have Business Law Firms that will ensure the ethical business practice across the country. The role of a good legal firm is to offer a hassle-free business formation, proceedings and lawsuits. Starting from basic compliance issues to complex lawsuits- everything should come under the work of a law firm. The majority of small business owners have opined that business law firms play a major role in their business proceedings. The role of law firms are countless – collecting and signing documents, procedures of setting-up of new business and the headache of registering a company.

Therefore, it is utmost important to have the support of or service of a business law firm at the time of forming a company.